Speake-Marin - Horlogical philosophy | replica watch ReviewsPeter Speake-Marin is the first to admit he has "seen some brands picking up my distinctive features but simply left them to peter out on their own, because DNA cannot be grafted. These attempts at plagiary all die out within a few months".Nonetheless, the man who had devoted the past 25 years of his life to his passion, including half spent creating his own brand, can now step back and take a more detached view of his life, his work and his family. Peter Speake-Marin shares his thoughts on his personal and professional route to date, thereby shedding new light on the models presented at Baselworld.Olivier Müller : What's behind the Triad replica watch?I'm always coming up with new ideas, such as the Triad, and my aim is to give shape to as many of these ideas as possible. The difference compared with previous years, is that I am starting to adopt a more strategic vision. I no longer necessarily focus on such or such a Perpetual Calendar or Tourbillon, but instead on the originality of a model that must be appropriately served by the technical aspects.    Triad © Speake-Marin   Why the figure 3?Three stands for balance. Any type of furniture with only two points of contact with the ground will tend to wobble. Add a third leg to a table, a chair or a stool, and they become stable. This balance is echoed in replica watches and that's what attracted me. This number embodies stability.It is also a direct reflection on my own life. Three evokes youth, then adulthood and finally maturity. It also speaks of three generations of which I am currently right in the middle: my father, me and my children. My children are the future, I'm an adult, while my father is already quite elderly. It is at once very personal and yet intensely different for each one of us.The Triad embodies this vision. It is a model instilled with a sense of strength, something that I cannot really explain. It invites people to explore their own very personal interpretation.On the other hand, what I didn't really expect and which I have realised now that I actually have the replica watch in hand, is that it heightens the value of every minute. Witnessing these three movements highlights the fleeting, elusive nature of time, while simultaneously drawing attention to the force of each and every moment.Why such deep thoughts at this stage in your life ?Because I feel I have lived several lives! At the age of 45, I have done so many things, lived in two different countries, travelled the world several times, worked for Renaud & Papi , Maximilian Büsser, Harry Winston, Les Maîtres du Temps, etc. That naturally gives me food for thought.There is an English saying that "Life is time, time is life". We have to seize these different times in a life. When we're young, we do a lot of stupid things because we simply cannot grasp the idea of our own morality. At my age, we begin to perceive it.  This is a philosophical approach that I notably hinted at with the Skull replica watch: we are all mortal. Saying it is stating the obvious, but feeling it deep down inside is something completely different.    Triad (back) © Speake-Marin    How can you adapt the brand longines review longines review , which has been eagerly adopted by connoisseurs, to the evolving nature of the man who wear it?Peter Speake-Marin is a young brand based on solid foundations. The Marin, Resilience and other lines are the pillars on which I am working to build the future. What really counts, if you want to get ahead, is to be unafraid of being different. This is a risky approach because it involves constant self-appraisal. So yes. There is a risk that the public might not always grasp my approach, but as the saying goes, to stand still is to retreat…Might you one day decide to pursue these reflections in a field other than replica watchmaking?Might you one day decide to pursue these reflections in a field other than replica watchmaking?I am currently redoing my house and that does indeed give me a vision of architecture that I find very stimulating.Architecture and replica watch mechanisms are very tangible things, whereas philosophy is by nature intangible. It lends a new dimension to replica watchmaking or to architecture, which is indeed a field I find very appealing.However, frankly speaking, I began replica watchmaking at the age of 17 and I'm not 45. It's my life. I've worked in project management, sales, marketing, consulting and I've done many other things. But I'm a replica watchmaker and I always will be. Indeed, if you really want to know, in our current offices, I've currently moved all my things into the workshop…And tomorrow?Tomorrow, I'm convinced that Speake-Marin will be able to live on without Peter. It's a brand with an original DNA. It will live for more than 100 years! We're not a gimmick, but instead a sustainable representation of who and what I am. Do you indeed sometimes think about the imprint you may leave behind you?No. That matters very little; it's family and friends that are important.
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